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Entrust me with your massage


With regular massage you can maintain a healthier and more balanced life. It not only helps you heal but also refreshes and relaxes.




Massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes cellular metabolism. It improves the functions of internal organs. It increases blood supply and the supply of other body fluids to internal organs. Massage strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle pain, relaxes and strengthens muscles.

It increases performance and concentration. Therapeutic massage not only provides physical but also mental and emotional refreshment. The most important feature of a refreshing massage is relaxation, which affects not only the muscles, joints, tendons, but also the vegetative nervous system. Tension caused headaches can very often be eliminated by massage therapy. Furthermore massage accelerates lymphatic circulation as well as enhance the different metabolic processes on the treated areas of the body.

Massage promotes agility, loosens rigid muscles, relieves muscle cramps and muscle swelling and pains. Accelerates healing in case of injury. It can be very effective in the case of sleep disorders or those who work in a very stressful job. For the latter, massage can be of great help in avoiding nervous diseases.

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When a massage is not recommended

Before a massage and body treatment I perform a brief health check about the overall physical and mental conditions. Through some questions I will find out about any surgery, scar, fracture or sore, and if the patient is actively engaged in any sports. This information will allow an efficient treatment. For contact lens wearers it’s recommended not to use lenses during massage.

Massage is not advised with fever, infectious diseases, herpes, with bleeding, cancer, nerve infiltration, and during the first days of menstruation. Massage shouldn’t be performed on inflamed, damaged, or not fully healed part of the body. It is not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. Please let me know if you’re pregnant.

Massage is not advisable on an empty stomach or immediately after eating. It should be avoided on local skin lesions, skin injuries, skin diseases, spasticity, acute fever, infections, severe circulatory disorder, heart failure, malignant tumors and haemophilia. A caution also required during anticoagulant treatment.

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Things to know before having a massage

How often should you get a massage.

The frequency of massage sessions depends on your personalized needs and the effect you want to achieve. Pain relief requires regular treatments that built on each other. However, if the goal is relaxation and refreshment, the frequency of the massage depends on your personalized needs. In case of therapeutic or full body massage a weekly 2-3 sessions are recommended. To improve overall well-being massage is recommended once a week. Partial massages can be utilised several times a week. A monthly three massage sessions have a healing effect on usually most symptoms and problems.

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