Therapeutic massage is usually carried out by a physician with healing or therapeutic purposes and its effect depends on its regularity.

Therapeutic massage is suitable for everyone. Since it provides a general well-being, increases our performance and concentration it’s also recommended for healthy people.

It stimulates blood circulation and boosts cellular metabolism. Therapeutic massage strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle pain, relaxes and strengthens muscles. It increases performance and concentration and reduces pain.

Therapeutic massage can not only improve the body on a physical level, but it also has a beneficial effect on headaches resulting from anxiety. Moreover it also has a calming effect.



Sports massage is an increasingly popular type of massage. Due to its many advantages, it is not only recommended for professional and amateur athletes, but also for non-athletes.

Sports massage helps prevent injuries by improving the condition of the muscles. Similarly to other types of massages its benefits also lie in its regularity.


If rigid muscles and scar tissue remain untreated, they can lead to injuries. Sports massage is recommended for treating injuries as well as muscle imbalances and posture problems. It also helps prevent sports injuries and increases muscle performance.


Sports massage plays an important role in the lives of all athletes, whether they are injured or not. It is essential to treat certain injuries and to avoid future injuries.



Foot massage, also known as reflexology, is an ancient alternative medicine based on the principle that all organs are connected through energy channels of the body. The body is divided into different reflex zones that cover the entire body.

Each zone is represented by points on the sole of feet. The massage affects the organs through these points. By massaging certain points of the feet, the organs can be agitated or soothed through the body's energy path. Massaging the appropriate zones increases the blood supply of the assigned organs, improves metabolism, circulates the lymph, thereby mobilizing the body's self-healing powers.


Foot massage is also suitable for prevention, refreshment and regeneration, and for strengthening the muscles. It increases performance and concentration. The purpose of foot massage is to improve mood, refresh the body and relax the mind, which are prerequisite for a healthy life. Foot massage or reflexology is a successful, ancient method for the prevention and supplemental treatment of illnesses. Thus, foot massage stimulates the function of some organs, it may relieve overload, helps to dissolve the energy block and to detoxify.



Office massage, also known as chair massage, involves the massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and waist. It’s a medical massage technique that improves blood supply and blood circulation.

Office massage is a type of sitting massage that is performed on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. It is done through clothes and does not require massage oil.


The chair massage has several advantages. Research shows that chair massage can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. It has many other benefits such as improving sleep, reducing stress, anxiety and muscle tension.


Further more, the effect of office massage is to increase immunity and range of motion. It is also effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.



The essence of the method is to initiate mechanisms in the body during the massage to promote weight loss. During the massage points of the body, that are connected to the hunger center and affect the metabolism, are stimulated.

The treatment helps to remove the cellulite, which is a fat surplus in some parts of the body - especially abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks - that the body cannot get rid of. As a result, the appetite gradually decreases, while the metabolism also accelerates, so the excess substances leave the body faster. During the treatment the body adapts to this process. Thus without any effort, and through maintaining an appropriate diet, an ideal weight can be achieved and retained with the help of the treatment.


In order to achieve the desired effect the massage must be repeated several times. The ideal recommendation is 4 times during the first week, then 3-3 times during the following week until reaching the desired weight. The change is visible already at the end of the first week and it can be measured in kilograms and centimeters at the end of the treatment.

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